Put the Passion Back in PD!

PD is about passion, play, and people. It's time to regain that in our schools!

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I've attended 12 edcamps, been on Twitter for over 8 years, and am a self-declared lifelong learner. Through all of my experiences, one thing has remained the same... it's the people that I connect with.  The people inspire me to push my thinking, give me the courage to try more, and make me want to be a better version of myself every single day.  By connecting through Twitter, I've had experiences I never would have dreamed of... going to the White House to witness President Obama send his first Tweet, going to Space Camp several times, being at the launch of one of the final Space Shuttle Launches at NASA, being surrounded by engineers and scientists when Curiosity landed on Mars, connecting with a team of teachers who I got to fly on the Zero G aircraft with, and keeping connected with people who are working hard in their schools or classrooms to bring makered to life.  I'll never stop believin' that together we are better.   


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