POP-Up Design Thinking Lab

Educators bring their Problems Of Practice (POP) to rotating venues around town to have design teams develop solutions via Design Thinking.

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3 years ago, Alex Hernandez began Design EDU in the Denver metro area.  Using a variety of facilities around town (popping up), educators would bring their problems of practice (POP) to events where facilitators would walk groups through a design thinking protocol to ideate possible solutions to the problems that were presented.  These events occurred about once every 2 months for about 18 months and the practice has been adopted and adapted by different schools, districts, and organizations.  This could be adapted within a school culture where groups of teachers come together and use design thinking protocols to work through problems they are facing in their classroom practices.

We try to use design thinking in a variety of ways at my school.  In hiring practices, in some meetings, and in some of our humanities courses.

This ideas has elements of ideas posted on The Teacher's Guild by Lisa Yokana, Trever Reeh, Chris Good, and Sara Speicher.


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I love the application of design thinking in addressing the myriad of issues facing schools. Starting from a place of empathy and clearly understanding the needs of the individuals involved leads to much more provocative ideas and much bolder solutions. Glad to hear your school has embraced this approach.

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