Neuronal Networking

Sit>Share>Listen>Correlate>Symbiotically synthesize

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Dialogue drives development of professionals- Each and every time I sit with my colleagues to share what goes on in my little world- we find overlap of both skills and content- amazing points of connection are formed. The experience that led me to create this post was sitting with our art teacher - looking at a 3D model of the cell. He would point out the lines- I would state: micro-filaments for support. He saw the space as a necessary element- that was the cytoplasm where chemical reactions occur. He sensed the continuity of color from a bulbous element to a circular vesicle- the Golgi apparatus that packages proteins for export. Together we found both artist and scientist depend on critical powers of observation and as we continued our academic banter we found we were dealing with form over function then debated if it was function over form.  We conceded  new appreciations that art viewing strategies are similar to scientific observation skills and became excited to create student opportunities that would put to use these critical skills.. If we believe our task as 21st century teachers is to require students to organize knowledge and skills across disciplines, I see no better way than to create these Think tank teams to tap into our innate synergistic abilities.

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This is an amazing graphic to share with students! Thank you!