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Want students to value history and have it be concrete? Show a movie.

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With the current generation being such visual learners, I pair every section of our history to a to a film, and every unit to a full-length movie.  As a result, my students retain far more than they woud if they were merely reading it.


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What movies do you show for your curriculum?

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For Math, there are a multitude of movies you could incorporate with this rewarding strategy (they complete assignments and get to watch the movie, but also the movies tie into the curriculum): A beautiful mind, Goodwill Hunting, Stand and deliver, Proof, 21, the imitation game, N is a number, Little man tate, The bank, infinity, rainman, enigma, pi, moneyball, the traveling salesman, the oxford murders to name a few.

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I have a three-year rotation to my curriculum. This year is physical science and Middle ages, so there are countless movies to choose from... for history this year I settled on Beckett, Kingdom of Heaven, The BBC documentary Black Death, Elizabeth: the golden age, Mongol, Jodhaa Akbar, 13th warrior, Beowulf, Rapa Nui, La otra conquista, and Luther... the nice thing about movies aside from the visual solidification of the history, is the lirterary connection in ELA. Also, it is quite convenient to be able to say that we canot watch the movie if all students do not have their homework turned in. It creates positive peer pressure for students to complete their work.