Lessons to be learned from School Retool

School Retool is a cohort based PD model for school leaders. And there are lots of takeaways for how we might reimagine PD.

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School Retool brings together cohorts of school leaders to learn about how to hack their way to more innovative, student-centered school models. Here's what feels powerful about their model as we design to reimagine PD for SCOE: 

  • It's collaborative. School leaders walk away with a network of like-minded peers to share insights with along their journey to improving schools. 
  • Rich theory is embedded in memorable (and fun) content. Check out the mindset videos, for example. 
  • Application happens instantly. School leaders jump right into action by designing hacks that fit their school. 
  • The experience is beautiful. And actually, that is important. Too often, educational resources are under-designed - making them harder to read or digest. The visual design demonstrates the overall care that went into the design of the program. 
  • You start small. Lots of great ideas generated in PD never move beyond discussion. Part of that has to do with our tendency to go big with ideas quickly, feeling the urgency to maximize impact on students. School Retool helps school leaders get to big impact by starting with small changes across  key culture "levers"  - like a ritual, a space, and so on. 

Check it out! And I'm curious to hear others' thoughts! 


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