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Focusing on follow up increases the value of Professional Development.

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With a clear long term goal for PD it would be nice if the trainings to reach that goal were simple. Backwards planning would be wise, and follow up opportunities would be essential and not overlooked. We don't need to be offered additional training to supplement the training we just had with out adequate time to process, try, collaborate and evaluate.

The benefits of true and authentic follow up could have more impact than additional training. 

Follow up PD would allow opportunities to Synthesize the new information, collaboration, time to reflect after trial,  and reevaluation. I want to connect new training to other trainings. I want to mix the best of the best. We've got to keep it simple. Fewer PD options (Less) offers greater in depth development (More)


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Sarah, I appreciate peer observations and I wish we could do more of them. I think peer observation is maybe tier 3 or tier 4 follow up. Tier 1 follow up would be significant time offered at the end of a PD opportunity for teachers to thoughtfully and collectively address "What would this look like in my room" or "What exactly are my take away's for tomorrow?" or  "How can I make this new and exciting training work right away." If we can't make something work tomorrow then the effectiveness of the training needs to be addressed. 
Tier 2 follow up would be after the training had been implemented  in the classroom, it would be revisited with the same peers that attended the initial training. (2 weeks later) sharing out what worked , what didn't and next steps.
Tier 3 follow up would be good timing for Peer observation from those involved in the initial training.  BUT the observation should be very limited in time. Too much time out of class is difficult THEN the feedback piece of the peer observation is additional time. This is what makes it idealistic and not practical. 

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