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How might we design professional to move teachers out of their comfort zone?

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I am participating in a fellowship at the Flatiron School and they have these cultural talks that they give students about the mindsets necessary to be a successful programmer. The one they gave us on the call was about the learning zone—how it falls outside the comfort zone but is not part of the panic zone and so you need to leave your comfortable zone to be truly learning but need support so that you don’t end up in the panic zone. How might we design PD and professional learning so that educators are in the learning zone?


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Everyone should learn to code.

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Great article by Mitch Resnick and David Siegel: A Different Approach to Coding


"For us, coding is not a set of technical skills but a new type of literacy and personal expression, valuable for everyone, much like learning to write. We see coding as a new way for people to organize, express, and share their ideas."

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Laurie Bartels I love that article! Thanks for sharing.

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