Lab Space for k 12 Innovation

Creating the innovation lab to workshop and prototype future classroom projects with trained facilitation team.

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The idea was inspired from the #makeitrealTG at the dschool led by the Teachers Guild.  First I see the teachers as the content experts we need to create, prototype and workshop classroom innovations and projects. Being a new process teachers will need strategies to facilitate their process. Teachers or coaches trained in facilitation will partner to navigate teachers away from focusing on limitations; instead focusing on achieving goals. It takes teachers out of their silos and empowers them to solve their priorities with other valued colleagues. After creation and prototyping teachers will move into a mock classroom space. The manipulative space that can be used to mock up the classroom lesson being workshopped. Teacher run through the lesson just like a dress rehearsal. Indeed the space is designed for the lesson instead of all lessons fitting into the provided space. As a veteran teachers who has thousands of PD hours of experience this approach would be inspirational. I see my classroom as a stage to prepare lessons for my students. I manipulate tables, chairs, lighting, sound and add media as required. This shift in mindset has open all my lessons to reimagineering.


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Photo of Caroline King

The steps taken since I first published the lab idea I have developed on three fronts. New ideas to me are like a blank wall with me coming along and tagging with a paint ball. I have presented to colleagues at my site, my administrators and the district tech subcommittee to the school board. PD has to change. Three paint balls. As others start talking they add their paint balls. At first people don't what this image is. But with the more community members who add their ideas it takes shape. People see it and either like the idea, improve the idea or reject it as unworkable. At dschool they shared the first step is empathy not just for the outcome for all those who share along the way. the result will be a community and shared idea that may not look anything like the original. Being open and excited about that process is where I am now. The questions and resources people have shared with me are great. Thank you and lets keep talking. 

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