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What if we "axed" district/school-mandated PD for a year?

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Instead, what if we allowed teachers to follow their own learning paths and focus on planning the best lessons and activities for their students? How might teachers demonstrate their learning over the course of that year? Is there a building-wide tool that could used for sharing? Individuals could create monthly/yearly learning plans where they set their own benchmarks on how they are continuing their own education that aligns with school and district goals.

By killing mandated professional development, we are truly modeling an authentic learning process for our students.

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I too liked the idea of intentional and purposeful ! Deliverable add value to the intention and purpose. I strongly feel that some PD crucials need to be dealt with  in a PD session by the authorities and others could be optional where the teacher discovers self and is intrinsically inspired for ownership. Also the calibre of teachers hired makes a difference...Impact on students !  

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