Incremental change leads to irrelevance

U.S. schools are in much greater need of transforming organizational cultures and changing human behaviors, rather than more technology

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I recently had a conversation with Natalie Stone and John Wettersten from the Chicago offices of IDEO and we talked at length about the challenges schools face in adopting technology. During that time the bulk of our conversation centered on organizational culture and changing human behaviors, not technology or the obstacles to teacher professional development. 

Project Red data relevant to schools interested in technology implementation indicates that a school principal’s ability to lead is critical to the success of an implementation effort. However, more times than not, when schools are purchasing technology, they fail to invest the time energy and resources in the a change leadership strategy. 

Think about this, if a private company were failing to make a profit, nobody would expect that upgrading the infrastructure and purchasing new laptops and software would result in the company suddenly making a profit. Yet this is the same logic used when purchasing technology in schools.


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