Expect "Give and Take" Engagement

We are thrilled when students connect what's being learned with their own lives- this same energy could be harnassed with adults.

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As an educator, I seek to open up conversation and spark interest by helping students connect what we'e learning to their personal story. In this picture, students are relating their personality types to scientific questioning- highly engaging for any person! This approach creates a culture of connection where the students see relevance in the material and send me articles, videos, and pictures related to our class, showing me they're engaged and integrating their learning. This same engagement is possible for adult learners, but it requires taking time to foster relational and content connections. I'm not sure what it would look like for PD, but there is powerful potential. 


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Sometimes, after a particularly inspiring PD, I will see articles, or hear stories, about content that is related, and wish I could share them with the presenters of the PD, or the people I attended with. I need to be better about connecting with people at PD sessions, and getting contact info. (twitter handles, emails, etc.) so that I can easily forward those a-ha!s and connections as they come up, and so others could share their a-ha!s and connections with me.

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Thanks, Kelly; great idea! How might we create a system to share information like this? Do you have a community "bulletin board" to post information or host discussions? I think it could be a lot of fun for us to design a system for doing so, based on Anna's suggestion.

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