Creating great learning opportunities takes work.

It is time to move beyond cookie cutter PD.

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Too often we want PD that provides us with a binder of step by step ways to implement a lesson or project in our class.   While there may be a few good lessons gained, true transformative teaching takes time and work to adapt it to the unique students being taught in a particular class.   If we always want PD to offer us "something we can use in our class tomorrow," we may miss out on truly transforming teaching and learning.

In this article from Innovation Excellence, you can see how fear of doing the hard work hurts non-profits.  We can apply many of the same principles to PD when we want to copy what everyone else is doing.

"Instead, employees covet the famous, albeit rare, examples of bravery in the non-profit space and zealously want their own me-too versions of these iconic initiatives. You hear again, again, and yet again: “what is our pink ribbon?” and “what is our ice bucket challenge?” While these stand as good examples of branding and marketing, they do not classify as a breakthrough innovation. Innovation—rethinking a business model, an experience, and a service—is even rarer at such culture.

The answer: do the work. There is a program, an unforgettable icon, a new experience, an innovation never known in the non-profit world that is yours for the taking, but you have to invest the time, resources, and care to cultivate it.

The world needs these non-profits to prosper, instead of suffering a me-too ADD where it wants to copy the Next Big Thing without doing the actual work of stimulating, cultivating, and launching innovative programs. "


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Doing anything well takes effort! Although there is a need for 'direct instruction' sometimes for PD, like how to use your iPad, safety training etc, PD also gives us an opportunity to take a look at our own school and develop a plan for our students and our staff. That gives us an excellent opportunity to transform our school through relevant and meaningful PD.

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