Cohort 21: A grade and discipline-agnostic PD yields 4 years of results

We will share teachers' experiences, reactions and action plans from our year-long, job-embedded, blended professional development program

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So great to see you again Garth! Welcome back and thanks for sharing the great work you guys are doing!

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This is a great opportunity to take a great model and make it even better. I love the idea of taking an existing model and opening it up to the collective wisdom of the guild. I look forward to the brainstorming.

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Looks like this is unpublished. Let me know if you meant to press publish on it!

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Thanks Emma,

Consider it Published! I'd love to have more of the Cohort 21 team be able to add their stories to this so that it can become a bit of a resource.

Also, I LOVE this prompt! It's right up our Cohort 21 and Project 2051 alley. If there is more we can do to contribue - I know we are scheduled for another installment for Medium publication - we'd be happy to contribute!

I'm looking forward to jumping back into the Teachers Guild!