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I find this passage from Work Rules! by Laszlo Bock (p. 209) completely inspiring, and a wonderful statement of why I believe in ongoing, school-specific job training directed by teacher leaders: 

I can't tell you what to teach your team or organization, since that depends on what your goals are. I can't tell you whether the best way to teach is in person or remotely, through self-study or group classes. That will depend on how your people learn best, and whether they are trying to learn job-specific skills, such as a new programming language, or more general skills, such as how to work better together as a team. 

I can, however, tell you where to find the best teachers. 

They are sitting right next to you. 

I promise you that in your organization there are people who are expert on every facet of what you do, or at least expert enough that they can teach others. 


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Hi Charlie,

I agree with you! So many times schools bring an expert from outside to lead a workshop and many times someone inside the school that has the same expertise. Look first in then look out!


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Thanks Paula! You said it perfectly.