Bringing Mindfulness to Professional Learning

What if every professional learning experience included some time to practice mindfulness & explore bringing it back to the classroom?

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Here's a great article that raise the idea that mindfulness is important for educators and their professional learning:

I think that including mindfulness would help give teachers a new area to grow and also make professional learning more sustainable because it would be refreshing and energizing instead of stress-inducing. 


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I love this idea.
My hunch is that if I were more committed to my daily practices of presence -- both inside and outside of the classroom -- I'd see my way more quickly and clearly to the heart of each lesson, unit, and season of learning. Not only that, but I'd probably also do so without wasting my students' time and energy with well-intended but wayward tasks that I slapped together or simply recycled from the year before....
Depending upon one's school, this might also open up rich conversations around how to nurture more joyful, spirited learning in the classroom, how to foster patience, resilience, and flexible thinking -- and how much overlap may there be between deep learning and spiritual growth.
Let's reclaim the religious vocation of teaching, regardless of the "religious" tag one would put (or fear to put) upon it!

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