Beyond the One Shot Opportunity...

To have the greatest impact, professional development must include continued follow up and opportunities to collaborate with colleagues...

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I've had the opportunity to participate in many professional development opportunities after which I left excited, motivated and inspired.  What makes the difference for me as an educator is the continued opportunity to come back to what I learned and collaborate with my peers.  That old idea of "if you come away what 1 nugget, the training is good" isn't enough for me.  If the professional development really does spark new ideas, I want the chance to have more opportunities that build on those ideas and allow me to collaborate with my peers and reflect on student work.  In my experience, if this is not set up ahead of time and planned for, the demands of other things in our day get in the way of it happening.


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Your points about follow-up, collaboration with peers, and reflection are critical elements of effective learning that are all too often left out of teacher PD. As you state, we have to plan for these follow-up and reflection opportunities with as much attention as we give to planning the original PD experience. ( I also love the reference to Dewey!)

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