Best Inspiration Comes When Doing Other Things, Right?

Juxtapose intentional play with new learning.

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Agree fully with 'hold the meeting in a nice place' and suggest extending that idea to build in intentional play because every teacher has stumbled into a great lesson plan while gardening, hiking, cooking, cycling, knitting, etc. The Kelley "Creative Confidence" often comes when we are not fully engaged in the task. Our mind is allowed to wander, create and connect in unexpected ways. Too often PD keeps me on the status quo line, and great PD should work to resist the status quo line. 

What if PD could not look like a bunch of people gathering in rooms with caffeine clutched in hand? What if it looked like meeting at an aquarium for observations and then heading, with clutched caffeine, to process the experience ?


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Hi Sara,
This is one of the reasons I so enjoy being a part of field trips. The more field trips I can chaperone, the more I experience personal professional development (with myself, with the kids, and with their teachers) as a result of any given trip.

Doesn't speak exactly to your point, but your post spoke to why I enjoy the field trips.
Cheers, Laurie

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Agreed! Agreed! Why not cap off a field trip with a PD workshop!

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