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Finding and respecting balance in life as a teacher.

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Teaching is a profession where it is easy to lose yourself.  It is also one where if you make time for yourself you inevitably feel guilty and like you should be working instead.  

I was reading Amy Poehler's book Yes Please for my book club (one of the grown up things I do to find balance) and I came across her chapter "treat your career like a bad boyfriend."  While she does make the distinction between a career and passion, the over all message is that you need to have an element of healthy detachment. This can be extremely difficult for teachers. Amy writes that "you will rarely feel done or complete or even successful" in your career.  I agree.  No matter how much I do, I never feel like it is enough.  This isn't terribly healthy, though.

I want to be an adult with interests and hobbies and passions besides the classroom. And to not feel guilty about it.  I believe that valuing myself as a whole person will be integral to my future success. As Kelly and Matt wrote, their outside experiences also helped to inspire and improve their own teaching.

If we value the whole child, shouldn't we value ourselves and each other as whole people, too?

And now to go do a yoga video before dinner, no guilt involved. :)


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Amen sista! The guilt! I have this expectation that I should be able to do all this and the reality is... No, I cannot. But that voice is so much smaller than all the others. No wonder so many teachers burn out. :(

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