Analyzing Student Work

The power of collaboratively analyzing student work.

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I have learned the most when I am analyzing student work with a small group of people.  I learn math content this way by asking myself "Does this make sense?"  In addition, I learn more when someone else notices something I haven't noticed.  All this is done in the context of analyzing student work not scoring student work.  We are trying to build a case from evidence about what students know and don't know.  This helps immensely when we think what our next instructional steps will be.


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Joshua, this is a great post. Analyzing student work can revel so many interesting trends. It makes me wonder how we might make this an implementable idea.

First, what would the purpose be? To improve student learning? To improve communication between colleagues? To shift our approach/criteria in assessing students? What was your key learning or insight from analyzing student work with peers?

Could you create a new post for the ideate phase based off of your insights and learnings? From there, I would love to assist you in fleshing out the details of your idea.

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