Interview with Alex Bragg

Video interview about Alex's experience w/ the Atlanta K12 Design Challenge

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In this interview, Alex Bragg shares her involvement with the Atlanta K12 Design Challenge, in which public and private school educators collaborate to invent creative solutions for their communities. 

I first met Alex during a recent Twitter chat hosted by the Teachers Guild, and she kindly offered to discuss this further via Google Hangout. I was inspired by what she shared, and I hope you will be too.

Here's the recording of that conversation: 


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I'm very proud of Alex's work and growth as an educator! Well done.

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Thanks Chip! I really appreciated the chance to hear from Alexandria Bragg during our interview. Super inspiring! 

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Great post, Charlie, and thanks to Alex for giving the interview. I love her focus on the relationships built through the program, in that the growth she discusses is based in them. And it's also great to hear about the team pivot they made, after interviewing students. Would love to see more teams of this sort in our schools!

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I love the format of this post! It's so powerful to hear directly from Alex about her experience and the cross-school collaborations she spoke of are very inspiring as we think about reimaging PD.

I wonder what scaffolding and support would be needed to increase that among schools more broadly? Maybe it could even be done remotely, if schools had the available tech and shared a vision or goal that they wanted to explore together?

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Oh my goodness.. this is so cool! I loved hearing Alex's story and it would be super interesting to pull out some of her insights and how it ties into the current question trends -- collaboration, unstructured time, common purpose or just purpose, learning in a similar way as our students. Thanks for this amazing interview!

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Thanks Molly!! Alex has much to offer this collaboration, so I'm really glad she was willing to share her experience.

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Loved the part about interviewing the students about what they feel they need.
AND the idea of UNSTRUCTURED Cross-Team time with other teachers - especially those from another school. Great stuff!!!!

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Me too! I just loved the way that collaboration worked across the teams. Thanks!