A Pop-Up Restaurant for Faculty

to shift faculty culture and build trust & openness for creativity and innovation have teachers cook + eat together with food service chefs

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This is our 2nd year of Worley Porter, a Pop-Up Restaurant & Test Kitchen, run by the Colorado Academy Faculty for the Colorado Academy Faculty.  These events are really faculty cooking collaborations that give the Colorado Academy Faculty & Staff the opportunity to cook and enjoy a special meal together under the guidance of our food service chefs Paul Worley and Alex Porter.

People from each division and the staff – admission, business, development, communications, operations, administrative – are invited to participate in Worley Porter. 

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This is a brilliant idea! I so want to steal it.

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Happy to share any information I have. Our food service team from Sodexo has been great and the costs very reasonable.

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Cool way of getting teachers together outside of school, but in a collaborative environment.

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Hi Paul,

What a cool idea!! I love the notion of creating a relaxing and fun experience for teachers to come together and exchange ideas and wisdom while creating a meal together. Interested to know what has been the feedback around this experience from your colleagues?

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Hi Elsa -- it's been really positive. here are some quotes from last year:


The evening was a blast! I learned a lot about cooking (an amateur hobby of mine), and got to know my colleagues better. It was also interesting to learn more about how Paul, Alex, and their staff manage to feed all of us such wonderful food every day.

Thank you for coordinating the fabulous Worley Porter evening with many new friends and especially Paul and Alex. It was amazing! I had so much fun getting to know everyone in a fun and educational setting. The evening ran so smoothly and it was engaging for us all. I highly recommend it to everyone! My co-workers are very jealous!
I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Beyond learning some handy-dandy culinary skills, I gained a new appreciation for the passion and expertise of my colleagues. I feel lucky to work at a place that truly values community-building through the sharing of stories and skills.

A great time was had by all. I learned some very helpful knife/cutting skills, the bios of Paul and Alex (suitable for using against them in the future), and reinforcement of the value of being a little creative in the kitchen. It was a fast (4.5 hours!), fun, very active event.

The knife skills demo, along with explanation of the purpose of different types of knives, was eye-opening. Thanks for sharing your expertise and knowledge with us! Plus, it was fun to work with colleagues on a different type of activity.

After 29 years, I now know how to hold a chef knife correctly. Chopping just got so much easier (and less scary!). :) Thank you to you all for a lovely evening. Delicious food with wonderful company. I am looking forward to our next cooking challenge already.

The night was so fun and the dinner outstanding! All of our preparations and cooking under the expert guidance of Paul and Alex created a truly amazing meal and an entertaining evening with our friends. And I am proud to say we all were promoted to the next level!

I consider myself to be something of an old dog, however Alex and Paul reversed the adage and proved "you CAN teach..." I learned, laughed and loved all evening. Don't miss this opportunity next time around, if you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity. Alex and Paul clearly are a cut above, but so are our colleagues. Get to know those sharing space at CA. You will be rather better off for having done that!

The Pop-Up Kitchen evening was a blast and a special gift to all of us. Thank you for putting so much thought an energy into it and making it such a rich experience. You guys are rock stars, and its really great getting to know you (and your craft) better.