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Educator conundrum: do I take a college course that I get units for as PD in order to raise my pay, or take relevant PD and get no credit?

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I have struggled with this one for years!

As a brand new teacher with a large population of students identified as English Language Learners, I begged my district to allow me to use my discretionary classroom supply funds towards Conversational Spanish classes to keep my skills sharp enough to communicate with parents. The answer was, "No" and the classes I took on my own never counted towards PDU.

I still wonder why this PD opportunity wasn't "allowed" while we simultaneous struggled as a district to better address the learning needs of our Latino students?

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Interesting - this gets into the whole business of what really "counts" as PD.

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Quite the conundrum! Clearly we need to change this to ensure that the PD we are being offered can ALSO offer us units! :)