A great blog and a book recommendation!

Kristen Swanson, the author of the Teachers as Technology Trailblazers blog, offers a recommendation on a new book very relevant to our HMW.

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One of my favorite people that I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with in my current role is Kristen Swanson. Kristen's accomplishments and affiliations are too many to list here, but I will mention that she is the author of an excellent blog on education called Teachers as Technology Trailblazers. In a recent post (today actually!), Kristen recommended a new book by Gayle Allen, The New Pillars of Modern Teaching. I pass along the recommendation here because of the following excerpt shared by Kristen:

[The book] lays out the three new pillars for modern teaching:

1) From instruction to DESIGN

2) From curriculum to CURATION

3) From assessment to FEEDBACK

These pillars stood out to me as being critical components to incorporate as we head into the ideation phase.

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