A Fixed Mindset?

Thoughts on the need for a shift in culture and mindset on professional development.

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A few weeks ago I was talking about teacher leadership and the PD structure with Anna and Kelly at SCOE.  Kelly brought up how business are open to changing their structures, but education has not.

I began to think about the push for supporting a growth mindset and how this fixed idea of teachers, school, and the educational model is a kind of fixed mindset in the school culture and that of the greater community. To enact change, we will have to think of how to help change the mindset and idea of a teacher in order to support teachers as leaders.

The classroom expectations have shifted. We want our students to start to learn with and from each other and no longer have the teacher as expert. Well, the same should go for teachers as learners. We shouldn't just be fed information from "experts" with fancy titles, but recognize and value the expertise in our peers. It is a continuation of a change in place, but will require another shift for many in the education community.

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I love conversations about fixed vs growth mindsets. I wonder how much the fixed mindset of some teachers is caused by the highly structured setup of schools (e.g., curriculum chunks, schedule, classrooms, etc.)??

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