4 teachers from 4 counties share 4 different focuses on PD.

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I had the opportunity to interview 3 friends that teach in 3 separate districts from my own about their recent professional development. The teachers I interviewed  teach outside Sonoma County. They were from Elk Grove, San Juan, and  Livermore. Each of their districts had different areas of focus, but the common thread was the training was to provide common language for the schools to use across curricular areas. One district's focus was social emotional development (second steps) Another district's focus was writing. The third districts focus was their new math program aligned with CC. And My own district's  focus is GLAD (Guided Language acquisition Design) 

I enjoyed interviewing other teachers outside of our schools, district and county. It was affirming and enlightening. I Want my county, district and school to have professional development that is clear, focused and inspiring. To me, that's a home run.


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Thanks for this snapshot of other counties! It seems like common sense that we would know what professional learning our surrounding educators are engaged in but the persistent barriers of isolation & time constraints too often keep us from this accessible learning opportunity.

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