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How to re-imagine the school week to invigorate students and teachers

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During talks with other teachers the main idea seems to be "I don't have time"  The number of teachers in Sonoma County contributing here is very low and I believe it is a lack of time.  SO how can we provide teachers with regular time for reflection and innovation? If we could teach 4 days and use the 5th day to work with students on more creative individual projects which would also allow for one on one remediation, I think we could be more successful.  In my 35 years, all I have ever wanted is more time to spend with students individually to address their interests, and so their needs.  I imagine at the high school teaching 4 days and on Friday meeting with only 2 of my 5 classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon to work on projects.  This would rotate weekly so I would meet each group every 3 weeks.  One of those days would also provide me with a longer prep time to work on my own interests and PD needs.  It would reduce my lesson design by 20%, my paper grading by 20% and I think would be more efficient in terms of teaching content so I would not "lose instructional minutes."  The project based nature of the day would allow for more in depth look at  ideas.

Students would rotate around the school and there might need to be a study hall type set up to make it all work.

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Lee, I would love to see you update your idea with a new version based on all the feedback you've been receiving. Leave the first draft underneath, so readers can see how your idea has evolved.

In the new version, make sure to clarify what impact you predict this idea might have on teachers who participate. And also, what metrics would you use to measure that impact? 

Maybe you can even produce a quick sketch (image) of the schedule -- doesn't need to be refined, just enough to show a few options of how it might look. 

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