Rethinking Teacher Evaluation

Looking at Teacher Evaluation as a "growth" model versus a "gotcha" model.

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Using Warren Berger's Why/What if/How model from A More Beautiful Question to rethink Teacher Evaluation.  This is an Educational Leadership paper so it definitely falls into the "half-baked" category.  

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Thanks for adding this fabulous resource for us to consider. You're raising a critical point: which questions or assumptions have given us the PD model we most often experience now?  How can posing "more beautiful" questions lead us to imagine new possibilities that don't yet exist. Critical.

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That's very kind of you to say.  I did that for one of Mickey's classes.  
Funny that the REED institute opportunity seemed to miraculously show up at the same time. However, our progress as a school site on the REED work has been disappointing and non-existent.  As one of my sweet past students used to say, "Phooey!".
Note this article showed up recently:

Not sure how to make that a hyperlink in this format, sorry. 

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Also, what does add to team really mean?  

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