Online PD Platform to Engage All Teachers

Create an online platform that tracks, manages, and allows teachers to access PD that is relevant to them at a specific moment in time.

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Updated 1/13/16

I had hoped to share a public link to my dashboard but Qlikview's website does not seem to be working for me right now. Essentially, as I discussed in my video, the next steps of this idea is to merge the dashboard with something like Google Course Builder to create PD Content is school specific areas, through their work and documentation of evidence, teachers will earn badges and increase their "energy" meter. As time goes by, their badges and energy will decrease. 

Using a platform like Google Course builder creates an online environment for Teachers to access, provide specific content that relates to where the teacher needs support (and we all need support), while providing social and gamming aspects. 



Update 1/11/2016

I am uploading a video walking through my evolution and addressing where my idea stands. Please take a look and provide any and all comments. There is still much more room to grow! My next post will walk you through all the changes I have pushed the idea through and (fingers crossed) let you login and play around with a sample dashboard. Clearly the next step is to connect actual PD process into the dashboard. I just found about Google Course Builder and I think that is the next step to really pushing this idea to a possible solution. Thanks for all the thoughts, comments, suggestions, and ideas. I love participating in this challenge!



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The challenge for any PD in schools revolves around creating a human-centered experience that respects teacher's lives, time, and professionalism. Many times, PD fails before it starts because of communication issues, teachers are not in a "good" place to learn, or the PD is not well run or not clearly connected to the mission and teaching in the classroom.

To solve that, I came up with an idea of creating an online platform that focuses on using "gamification" to track and monitor teacher learning and implementation. I believe the focus on not just the learning, but the implementation is a key differentiator.

How will this work? My prototype below uses Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching, since that is what my school uses to identify effective instruction. An online platform, in the vain of Slack or Facebook, would provide teachers with badges and an energy bar for different school/district defined metrics. Instructional leaders would award badges to teachers who demonstrate mastery of a specific skill with real evidence. As time goes by teachers and instructional leaders add evidence to increase an energy bar for a domain.

Teachers who demonstrate strong skill in a particular domain and have consistent documentation of evidence would head future PDs in that area. This way, teachers who have strong skill sets will not have to participate in a PD session-- instead they lead the PD. In this instance, PD connects to teacher growth, respects their time, and provides multiple venues to A) receive the PD and B) implement the PD with or without fidelity.


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Thanks Charles Shryock, IV , I definitely like the idea of content specific learning, it is probably more teacher-friendly than Danielson's Framework with carries the baggage of "evaluation" (plus other baggage). As I read Ashley Haskins  idea, I also thought it might be a better concept if you take a specific standard like the new AP Comp Sci standards and spiral them throughout the year. That way you can take the JOT concept and integrate it into continued growth and teacher specific learning. 

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