Micro-PD in the Faculty Room

Imagine gaining a new resource or idea every time you walked into the faculty room, and not necessarily from your own faculty...

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What if every faculty room installed a large touch-screen monitor (or even an iPad with a large TV display), that showed a visual stream of tweets? Then, teachers could walk into the faculty room and literally touch an idea (a link, a photo, etc) and skim an article or get inspiration there.

After they finish, they could push "back" and return the screen to the stream of tweets so it's ready for the next teacher to interact with it (and of course teachers could gather around the screen in small groups to interact together). 

To get started, the school could pick a hashtag of interest (e.g., if the community wants to learn more about design thinking, they could follow #dtk12chat or #dare2design) but overtime, that could be overtaken by a school hashtag where people within the school community begin to share resources they find online, knowing their colleagues could "run into them" in the faculty room. 

Imagine if you could engage with a new resource or get a new idea *every* time you walked into the faculty room?


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I like the fact that this makes a clear push to get Twitter and networking in front of teachers who may not have a PLN or any networking experience. I wonder if teachers would feel like it's an intrusion into a "downtime" space? I also wonder if there's a way to have teachers send interesting articles to themselves to read later. Could there be an interface component which lets teachers e-mail an interesting article to themselves?
Finally, I see the value of a big screen drawing attention, but that's harder to read. The flipside might be to have it running on a couple of tablets in the center of common tables?

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