House of the Spirited but Spent

Nurturing the inner wisdom of teachers through play, silence/introspection, collaboration, sharing and good food.

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Potential Retreat Name:  House of the Spirited but Spent

I wanted to pitch an idea to the teaching community that I feel resonates with aspirations and vision we are longing for...teacher empowerment.  It's time for us to take back our profession, and remind ourselves and others what we do.  Simply, we do the hard work of building society.  I believe in supporting a teacher retreat that encourages play, rejuvenation, writing, silence, and sharing.  I've been thinking about how to bring a holistic approach to PD based on the premise of we teach who we are. I've done work with Nurturing the Inner Life of Teachers (meditation/mindfulness practices) and I would like to combine it with work that I've done with creating dynamic, learning experiences.

Audience/Potential Participants:  PreK-University educators (We need more teachers talking across disciplines and ages.)

Time:  Weekend Retreat (Friday night-Sunday afternoon or some variation)

Place:  A space in your community that will nurture play, reflection, introspection, community and the free exchange of ideas, aspirations, frustrations, and celebrations.

Potential partners:  Western PA Writing Project, AIU's transformED, Carnegie Science Center, plus the myriad of  Remake Learning members...(This list is Pittsburgh-specific, but it's really about partnering with members of your learning ecosystem.)

Values:  empathy, creativity, collaboration, sharing knowledge, writing, equity, reflection, diversity, sustainability, compassion


Rejuvenate teachers

Build a community of educators across geography, schools, age groups, curricular areas...

  • Visualizing connections:  one of the challenges of life moving quickly is our inability to really see how we're connected.  And I believe our greatest suffering comes from the effects of disconnection.  What if were able to see how we were interconnected in our schools, districts, communities, cities, and country.  I'm a huge of visualizing information and I would love for House of the Spirited But Spent to manifest these type of connections:  this example is from visualizing NFL coaches and their influences.  More importantly, it could be a means for visualizing the connections made via The Teacher's Guild!

Connect teachers to Remake Learning Network Bring play back play into learning (This is specific to Pittsburgh.)

Embrace silence

Break bread together (cook and eat together)

Publish teachers' writings and reflections 

Bring a colleague and a stranger to the event and/or recommend someone to attend the next event


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I love the statement above "We teach who we are". What an amazingly pure take on PD. Simply becoming a better you. Not someone else. Not what some external system wants you to be. Just a more inspired version of yourself - doing what you do best.

Love the idea of mixing educators across disciplines and grade levels. It would be great if this retreat makes this an intentional and deliberate feature for how it is structured?

Michelle King  If you were to step back and imagine this retreat 5 years down the road - and let's assume it was wildly successful - what would you imagine is the most important "Implemented/Tangible" outcome to be born from it?

;-) Super curious to see where this can go!

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