The Amazing Race

Teachers from different sites are teamed up to complete P.D. tasks.

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My school district is K-12. There are very many sites all over the city of Petaluma. The school district is constantly making changes in programs at various sites. Often the teachers do not know what changes are occurring at the other sites because we don't communicate effectively. In order to improve communication, we could complete p.d. tasks in teams. The teams would consist of mixed site, grade level, and subject area representatives. During the task completion, teachers would have time to discuss what is happening at their sites. This p.d. day could become a friendly competition something like the television program "The Amazing Race" with points awarded for quality of completed activities or tasks.


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Photo of Jen Ortlinghaus

Paula Marra What I had in mind was teachers meeting live and being grouped with staff from other sites. During breaks throughout the day, teachers would (hopefully) naturally chat about things/programs going on at their sites. Possibly, the chatting would happen even during the tasks/activities that were being completed. I hadn't thought about a hang out. What a great idea! I'm now thinking that beginning with a district-wide meeting at a certain site and following up with hang outs would be even better. Thank you for the comment and bright idea!

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