A PD Choice Wall

School-wide digital"bulletin board" to allow teachers to post ideas, brainstorms, school visits, PD workshops to share with peers.

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In order to capture the various professional development experiences and classroom practices of faculty, as well as to tag,  archive, and share feedback about these events, schools or organizations could  create "Pinterest" style walls. 

This platform would allow all faculty to post an entry about a PD experience, a class visit, a peer school visit, a discussion, a thought-- whatever inspired them. This could maximize and build upon the dollars spent on teacher PD as well,  if teachers were required to post an entry about any workshop or conference they attended, including both a summary of the experience, how they plan to build upon or implement it at their school. All entries would be tagged for ease of searching and usefulness. A visual of a mock-up I created is the visual for this post. 

This becomes an archive of innovative ideas and collaborative opportunities, all relying upon teacher choice. Any teacher can search through the webpage to find ideas or to learn about innovative practices being used by their peers. 


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