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I just read this article about the Tiny School concept. I have always appreciated a smaller school environment where everyone knows each other and feels a part of the system. This idea takes it one step further, using the "pop up" restaurant model to offer a cheaper, faster way to test ideas and meet student needs. Worth exploring.


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I think the opportunity to  "know each other well" is a particularly compelling aspect of this.

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Fantastic idea Leslie Ihrig 

I wonder how we might take this one step further. We could think through the first cycle of what a tiny school would teach. One idea might be to have the school-within-a-school be a laboratory of sorts for teachers (or, say, a crew of 4 teachers) and have them test certain ideas and report back to their group or the faculty writ large. This could be a nice twist on homegrown PD!

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This is like the idea of Academies in education, one of the schools in Nebraska that does a great job is Papillion La Vista Public School

http://www.plhs.paplv.org/academics/career-academies-2/ ;

Students get internships possibly starting their freshman year and take all their classes at the Omaha Zoo, work in a hospital, or get their nursing degree while still in high school.

Each particular location has their own staff, which is like their own mini-school where they learn inside of a classroom and outside of a classroom.

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I love the idea of a Tiny School... Or even a smaller school within a school. It allows teachers to try out new ideas one a small scale-to prototype lessons, units, challenges with a small group of students and then reiterate....