What if I had an hour to sit down every day in a chair and just daydream about my classroom?

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That's really all I have to say.


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1.) This invites teachers to work together to re-schedule their teaching lives to allow themselves a relatively consistent "daydream hour."
2.) Students inevitably find out/learn/ask what their teachers are doing, which sparks all kinds of interesting conversations, impromptu "daydream hour" assignments for HW, etc.
3.) The only requirement: Each teacher keeps their preferred version of a "Da Vinci" journal -- a place to think out loud in doodles, notes, coloring, journaling -- so long as none of it is self-consciously publishable. 
     Perhaps the other soft requirement is some kind of conversation with a colleague about how easy or how hard it was to internalize permission to really invest in the daydream hour.  

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