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Inspired by a mashup of "Wikipedia and "TeachersPayTeachers"models, what if PD was created by teachers and shared for free via a web portal.

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This is a spin-off idea from Brett B's post on a Teachers University

So what if there were an open source resource where teachers share Professional Learning experiences, information, videos, activities, research, etc...

Each resource would be posted, edited, revised, shared, manipulated, built upon, and maintained by a volunteer community of educators - and access would be completely free.

Tags could be applied to each resource to make searching for a highly specific piece of information easier - for example finding a K-5 appropriate approach to teaching "Computational Thinking" for English language learners - or something to that effect.

The site could also host regularly scheduled on-line chats with moderators to answer questions, or instead provide a video message board function where participants send pre-recorded questions to the community and received recorded responses in return.

A ranking system could also be applied that allows extremely relevant or impactfull learning experiences to stand out, or be sorted. 


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As a technologist, I love the idea of not reinventing the proverbial wheel.  We should also consider opening up the process for students to contribute their lesson plan ideas.  

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Love the idea of engaging students here - especially since peer teaching/learning can be so powerful. Why not create a tool where students can engage at a semi peer level with teachers and other students sharing their own best practices or ideas.

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Chris Good  - Your post above calls for a tool to facilitate collaboration so the content does not go stale.   And, your post immediately above calls for a tool to facilitate student peer collaboration (and maybe working with teachers as mentors).  It sounds like we need a tool like that can be extended to less sophisticated users.  I've used many other websites that collect educational content.  The curation is very helpful, but the community aspect is limited.  I'd love to grab some programmers and iterate a PD tool. 

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