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What if new teachers were treated as residents similar to dr. residency program?

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Most often PD is seen as something that does not happen during the school day but outside of it. What if the first couple of years of being a teacher was seen as a two year learning experience where new teachers were directly working with more veteran teachers? Instead of being thrown into the classroom as a first year, the first year teachers would teach as a part of a residency program similar to a medical residency program.

Some examples of what this might look like include the following from the National Center for Teacher Residencies and the San Francisco Teacher Residency Program.


Potential for Impact

Description from National Center for Teacher Residencies:

By preparing a new kind of teacher inside the classroom – providing the practical learning, the hands-on experience and the support network they need to be effective right away – NCTR and its program partners are building a real movement for education reform from the ground up. 

Resources from San Francisco Teacher Residency Program (including a snapshot of what a day might look like):

During the residency year, SFTR residents put in a lot of hours learning and preparing to become a lead teacher the following year. Residents spend approximately 5 hours/day at their assigned school site, and work the same calendar year that SFUSD teachers follow (early August through the end of May). Most coursework takes place in the evenings approximately 3 nights per week. Some SFTR specific classes are held on Friday’s during the school day.


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