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What if teachers were given the opportunity to be guest instructors at the local university?

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What if teachers were given the opportunity to be guest instructors at the local university’s school of education? They could submit a connected string of two, three, or four lessons, along with a brief personal profile.  Professors could make selections based on their class's content needs, and a teacher’s level of fitness.

These teachers would gain valuable insight and experience in a context both new and familiar to them, would challenge their own comfort levels, and would make valuable professional connections. Alternately, the students in these schools of education could benefit from the contributions of teachers currently in the field.

Lessons could be geared toward the specific need of the university students. For example, a lesson string might aim to reduce the gap that some university students feel between educational theories and actual application in the field; or a lesson string might attempt to provide university students with hands on knowledge and skills with regard to classroom management.

Being offered a position would be an honor,  but it would also offer some form of compensation. And it might even stir pedagogical change at the university level!


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I think this is a great idea because it would support the vital need of an essential feedback loop that is currently broken:  credibility and truth from a current classroom.  Your idea revitalizes the much needed connections that should go both ways between schools of education and the real-time classroom teachers and spaces that teachers cultivate.

Good luck,

Michelle King 

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