Embedded Professional Learning + A Career Continuum to Support It

Designing a career continuum that advances and incentivizes educator growth, learning, expertise, collaboration, leadership, and impact.

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My goal is to improve the quality and efficacy of professional learning for all educators in order to support a shared commitment to collaboration, continuous improvement, and measurably better outcomes for our students.

My vision for professional development connects instructional improvement with an entire set of efforts to raise engagement and boost performance. It is powered by a thorough understanding of what educators want and need in their profession, and it seeks to build collective teaching capacity so that every student can expect effective teaching every year.

The hope is that if we can move to a system of embedded, meaningful professional learning that informs relicensure, then practices will be improved in meaningful ways to impact student learning.

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How do we reimagine/redesign the current licensure and relicensure to clarify, support, ensure professional learning is tied to increases in student performance and improved educator practice?

How can relicensure systems…

  • Serve as a reliable indicator of effectiveness and improved teaching practice?
  • Incentivize agency, growth, collaboration?
  • Integrate educator performance measures and reporting?


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