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Segmenting Professional Development into defined categories creates a clear, balanced program with purpose.

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Professional Development opportunities range from basic district programs to new programs that are cutting edge.  Defining Professional Development into different segments would promote balance.  An educator or district would have clearer goals when preparing, selecting or funding for training. At the same time it would encourage focus for making the greatest impact. For example:

20% on basic district training programs (testing or Common Core training)  20% on district new programs (grade level collaboration, district technology upgrading systems etc) 20% on cutting edge new programs offered outside the district (SCOE or other professional training) 20% on personal interest and *20% on follow up opportunities from a previous training. 

Too much PD in any one area or not enough in any one area would clearly be identified.

*This is my next idea (because there isn't enough follow up opportunities to Professional Development) 


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Thank you Sarah! I have referred to JOT a few times, but I was inspired. It is from Christy Novack's contribution.  I also see two ideas work together. She set up a google doc for us to work on connecting the two. Next steps?

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Great idea! Christy Novack --can I join the doc? msjlura@gmail.com

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