Mentoring Passion

Teachers learn with and from one another. Mentors matter.

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Passion inspires, it connects, and it empowers learners. Building choice, connections, and mentors into professional development can foster reflection and ownership of learning by teachers. Providing opportunities for teachers to discover and connect with their own mentors and experts outside of the classroom allows them to make choices on how to best grow and share their learning, and to approach professional development with a more reflective and critical lens. Teachers learn with and from one another. Mentors matter.


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In the Maker Educator community in the SF Bay Area, there are regular meetups open to maker educators.  It's on my own time and based on my own interests, but I certainly go as many times as I can manage!   
We have talked about cutting edge research, participated in projects and just networked with each other.  It is all sooo valuable.  Interest + opportunity = enrichment for everyone.  

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