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Follow up to PD decreases the risk or fear of trying something new.

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  • Trying new things offered from PD can be risky. How do we build a model for implementing PD that fosters safety for trying new skills and still connect to old ideas? I would like to see more opportunities for follow up time to increase value and impact of the training already invested.  This model could have:

Demonstration lessons inside real classrooms. 

Focus on growth as in the article Navigating the Bumpy Road from 

It's About Time 

Encourage teachers to share and demonstrate their takeaways from a PD to other staff members. This can be a blend of Google Hangouts, Slack Channels or old school bulletin boards. The focus is on connecting and being comfortable with taking risks.

Have highly skilled Coaches guiding the development process on individual levels.

Spiral between implementation, follow up, review and new ideas.

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Ashley, this is great because follow up not only reduces fear and risk, but also provides vital feedback and positively reinforces change!

I wonder if you could create a model that starts with small risks and easy wins to move teachers out of their comfort zone - with lots of followup and positive reinforcement. then it can grow in scope over time.

I wonder if you could even model how failure can be a good thing and celebrate the times when a teacher tried something that just didn't quite work out - but informed us or allowed us to reiterate and improve the idea and go down a new and exciting (sometimes scary) path?