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What if teachers were able to "coach" one another in the classroom in an aspect of teaching or subject area they felt confident?

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After receiving in class ELD coaching the last couple of years, I have been thinking that this is really uncommon.  We are sparingly evaluated and possibly given areas to work on, but rarely does someone come into the classroom to coach on a specific teaching strategy or subject matter.  In my experience, there is not much time given to teachers for observations, which may be the first step in finding strengths and weaknesses in teachers.  Or maybe someone would like help in a particular area and asks for another teacher who can give them some in-class coaching so they do not feel like they are being evaluated or criticized. It seems that teachers become ingrained in their ways and may not realize there is something more they can be doing to help their students grow, whether that be a simple strategy or way of presenting curriculum to increase engagement. As the years pass by, the professional development courses increase leading to individual strengths and expertise that we could be coaching each other on. We are constantly searching for those teachable moments to help our students grow and it seems we could easily be receiving those moments from our coworkers to help grow as professionals.

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Yes! Let's pull our expertise together to create a stronger learning community. Can you say more about what your ELD coaching has looked like and how this idea could scale from one classroom to a school or district? Charlie also posted an idea about coaching and connecting it with design thinking - I wonder if we could all connect to form a team? https://teachersguild.org/challenge/how-might-we-reimagine-professional-learning-so-that-we-continue-to-grow-feel-inspired-and-have-impact-in-the-lives-of-our-students/ideas/coaching-with-design-thinking