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The benefits of authentic follow up could have more impact than additional training.

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Let's keep it simple. Recently there has been an overload of PD offered and no clear focus where to prioritize time, energy or resources.

My idea is to have 5 clear areas of PD available for teachers. Area 1: Developing Pedagogy, Area 2: Related to curriculum development. Area 3: Technology Area 4: Personal Interest Area 5: follow up to Areas 1-4. Each Area should relate to one another.  If we do this, then we can...

Connect old ideas to new training.  Offer follow up time to increase value and impact. Offer demonstration lessons inside real classrooms. Limit the number of Professional Development teachers take in one year. Encourage teachers to share and demonstrate their takeaways from a PD to other staff members. 


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I think the two application opportunities you've called out : 1. "Offer demonstration lessons inside real classrooms." & 2."Encourage teachers to share and demonstrate their takeaways from a PD to other staff members." would do much to realize the potential of resources districts & teachers have already invested.

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Sarah, I think being able to see lessons in action can be very valuable. We're currently hosting a STEAM PBL practicum and being able to see lessons in action and to see students actually doing the lessons has been cited by participants as one of the most valuable components. We also give them time to ask the students and teacher questions about the lesson/unit so that they can really get a sense of what this kind of teaching/learning looks like and what it might look like in their classroom.

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