"Implementation" Learning

How might we take the focus off of the input of professional learning, and shift it to the output (aka IMPLEMENTATION!) of what is learned?

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We spend A LOT of time planning, attending, paying for, being "at" professional development. What would it look like if the same level of resource were applied to "Implementation Learning" - figuring out how to support the implementation of a concept, a skill etc. in classrooms?? Move away from Professional Learning...to Implementation Learning. What does that practice look like?

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Yes Yes Yes.
that should be the point of PD anyways right!!!!!

Love the implementation focus!!!!!!! Don't just tell me about it - lets try it - lets do it - lets test it, make it better - and try again!!!!!!

Mickey, if you were asked to implement something from your most recent PD experience in your classroom - TOMORROW - with no extra preparation - just the willingness to try something new - how would you go about doing it?

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