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Teachers choose what is needed for themselves and SCOE sets it up

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Years ago I set up after school field trips into local industries for science teachers.  We toured a facility and then sat down for a Q and A with their scientists.  The information allowed teachers to make relevant connections between curriculum and the 'real world."  It was also invigorating to have scientists tell us how much they admire what we do!  The problem was it took a lot of my time and effort.  IF the county office could set these visits up and then offer a menu of field trips to teachers to attend on a district wide minimum day or PD day it would be great.  For example, I took a group of summer school students to the Green Music Center to talk about the physics of the music hall.  I learned so much!

In MN every October, there were 2 PD days for all teachers in which every discipline held their state educational conferences so that all teachers could attend.


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A personalized, experiential learning pathway for all teachers - very cool! You might want to check out some other posts: Take a Hike! and $ and Time and Round Trip Ticket They all explore the idea of teacher field trips or experiential learning adventures. 

I wonder if there is a common theme among all of four of your ideas that touches on an important need for teachers professional learning?

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I agree - there is a common thread here and also with Paul Kim's Design on the Fly. I think we can all agree that we want to be playful, we want inspiration, and we want to gain something to bring back to the classroom. We want to follow our passions or find out more about something new that intrigues us. It is probably best if we have some colleagues to join us and share the experience - which will also help to make it relevant to the school the group is coming from. It seems unlikely that we can afford something huge like a conference, but there must be a way for us to learn and connect on a level that is manageable and reasonable enough to facilitate. I like the idea of taking a sbbtcl - two weeks to go and pursue a passion. Two weeks for an adventure and to learn something new. Could it be as simple as floating the idea to our administration?

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