Declaration of the Rights for Teacher PD

Changing PD is a huge issue for moral and change

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Trust us! Teachers are experts! We are all college graduates with a wide range of life experience. Let us be the people to create and solve problems for our students. We can do our own research. Honest. 

Design it! Use the design and innovation model to have individuals and small teams of teachers design their classrooms and lesson plans.

Define it! Solve a specific issue to topic. How to improve students  problem solving in Geometry? How to engage students with mapping skills? How to do group work effectively using Google classroom.

Solve it! Create space for rehearsing and work shopping  new lessons. 

Measure it! To use the design innovation model requires a methodology to measure its success. 

Reiterate! Failure to improve student learning outcomes is the beginning of the conversation that initiates the next cycle of design and innovation. Success is also beginning. Everything can be improved and every year brings new teachers with new ideas. 

Time it! Give us release time to have facilitated time to  learn the design model, develop our ideas, workshop our ideas and return to reiterate. Our districts gives us two contract days to do classroom observations. Where can you find the time?

Move it! Space for PD should be a place of creativity and movement. Facilitators should be trained in breaking down the silos that restrict collaboration and who can time the PD so that each phase of design has a defined time that keeps the process move forward and not stagnate.

Acknowledge it! Have recognition for teams that succeed and who have measurable results. 

Relegate it! Compliance is not PD. Create online programs to cover the vast amounts of PD time used to train us for the fiftieth time on the same issues. Or use the design model to problem solve site specific issues.

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I love the thoughts behind this. What are you envisioning in terms of implementation? What would schools do next?