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Make yourself accessible and schedule time to be at a site before school with a cup of joe and an open ear.

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Buy in and changing existing culture in education can be difficult. Communication is also a common challenge in schools. Coffee and Tech is a way to create an open, collaborative and friendly dialogue around your content area and with others.

This casual, drop-in model is designed to help make staff feel comfortable to approach you in a one on one, mingling situation. Anything goes with the conversation!  The specialist goes with the flow. If you can interject certain points, concepts and ideas that align with your goals, even better!  If no one shows up or wants to talk, I'm still there with a laptop doing work.

Simply being on site and lending an ear helps create a relationship of trust and collaboration with staff. It can also assist specialists/coaches get a better sense of true needs and interest in a direct fashion vs other more formal methods that may be used from the district level.

Promotion through flyers and in being mentioned district/site newsletters is recommended. This makes other sites aware of what is going on and can create curiosity. Bringing donuts also helps! 


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At my previous school, we had informal dinners about every other month and teachers loved it.  I had interesting topics and different activities that would only be announced the night of the dinner.

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Hi Christy,

Have you seen this post: by  Kathi Kersznowski? I think would be awesome if you two made a team and evolved this idea together. I would love to evolve this idea. We could work together on gdrive.

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I like this idea.  We have done this in our school in person ( we are an online school) and now are going to try this on line, in web based class rooms.  This to me gives the informal atmosphere as  you have noted, that really does create a conversation where ideas can flow.  I really like the idea of adding students to get their perspective.  

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I always love combining learning and coffee! I have seen this model be very successful in a lot of schools, especially if there is administrative support and funding for snacks and drinks. How might we take this idea to the next level to really reimagine professional learning? This post makes me wonder if students could be part of the collaboration?