A Leave of "Presence"

What if instead of a sabbatical or leave of absence - we made time to focus on what we can do right here and right now?

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This is a repost of my comments inspired by Eric P.'s post

If we want relevant and timely PD - we can't take a year off work to go discover it and come back.

What if we looked at a way to build a working Sabbatical into every single day -  instead of in one bulk single year session. 

So lets imagine something like this...instead of a leave of absence...what if we requested a
a "Leave of Presence"

Time to get away each day - reflect on they what and why of what we are doing (maybe a little mindfulness) and focus on the needs of our students - right now! 

It would be a chance to dive deep every day - on a topic of our own choosing (20% time) but only one topic.
This should still be a year long deep dive - where we truly come to terms with one big issue.

Perhaps you are paired with a mentor who is knowledgeable in that area - or a research partner who is discovering from the same place you are? This person could be found and assigned through some global on-line network (such as this one).

At the end of the year all the participants share their learning not only with the online forum, but in person with their local peer teachers.

What if instead of preparing a research paper or some other academic document to record or account for their learning,  they must instead employ some actionable change in their classroom - and document the students response?

What if this post is really just a veiled Van Halen reference?

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It is clearly a veiled Van Halen reference.