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Teachers & subjects should have theme songs like Superheros and start the day or lesson with an inspirational 30+ second tune.

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What if we had a PD session where participants/teachers were challenged to teach/approach their subject/lesson with a theme song. I think we might find new approaches to engaging our students? Just think teaching fractions with Take 5 or history of WWII with Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B. A colleague of mine explored music as her Master's thesis and she interviewed folks in their 70s who still remembered elementary school facts through the songs they had learned in class. BTW I am NOT a musically talented person, just love music.

San Francisco Symphony Teacher Training several years ago was a great experience!

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Happy New Year... I am close to personal overload, but the first week back has gone well. I think I will be able to bring MUSIC into my next class project culminating in February with the 5th grade Grandparent Tea. Students have interviewed a grandparent over the holidays and now will write their biography to present at the Tea when they introduce their Grandparent to the class and serve everyone tea and cookies. I will ask students to find out a favorite songs from their teens years and play a compilation of them at the event. Music is a great way to learn about history and other people lives.

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