Microcredentials for Educator Growth and Learning

How might we #ReImaginePD? Digital badges FTW!!!

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"What if conversations about technology in schools started with a discussion of the kinds of learning experiences we want for students?" - www.ilearnmaine.org

Maine is taking the lead in the #ReImaginePD realm with a new initiative to promote teacher growth and learning with a digital microcredentialing system.  Creating authentic and meaningful PD experiences while also enhancing and growing a digital portfolio can support teachers in ways beyond conferences and faculty meetings ever could.  

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Teachers need to be proactive in this process.  They need to find areas of weakness and set out to find Professional Development that will address those weaknesses.  Admin could help by building a growth model in their evaluation process.

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Kali Kurdy ,
I like the idea of managing the PD badging.  Supervisors could recommend badges to earn.  Other teachers could also (maybe anonymously).   There should be a user-friendly search engine for teachers to type problems or situations and have it recommend a badge(s).
It's a shame that PD in education comes up short.  I have friends in other people-intensive fields (e.g., investments, accounting, etc) and they take training seriously.

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